What will “we” all be “wearing” in 2019 fashion?

Unless, of course, you work in the fashion industry and – despite a growing number of designers producing ‘see-now-buy-now’ collections to keep up with the impatient […]

The New Fashion Jewelry Elements in 2019

Snake, Star, Leaf, Dragon, Spider, Tree, Swan, Dragonfly, Snowflake, Flowers, Butterfly, Love Heart, Bees and other animals with special unique designs are all the main fashion […]

How to import jewelry at Competitive Prices base on Better Quality term?

It is really difficult to find a reliable partner-ship vendor, when you try to start fashion jewellery business well. That ask for not only low price, […]

The New Jewelry Trends for 2019

Are you ready to ditch subtlety? The 2019 fashion jewelry trends are especially in-your-face. If you paid close attention to the runways, you might have noticed that […]
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