How to be luxury fashion by wearing proper jewellery?

Many people wear jewelries under un-proper way, that’s really looks even being stupid. Now,let’s telling you how to be luxury fashion by wearing jewelries with little […]

Where to import new unique steel pendants for men?

Special, Unique, Luxury and Cool pendants are really a big point to make your fashion to be unique from street People…and if you’re a jewelry or […]

Buddha & Devil…Steel Pendants for SS Seasons 2019

Where to check and buy real unique designs of stainless steel pendants at competitive prices? Our designer teams just worked out the new unique steel pendants […]

Where to import Luxury Bridal Wedding Jewelry at low prices?

Are you looking for bridal wedding jewelry sets at low price with luxury good quality? Yes! This is really a big problem for new buyer guys […]

Street Photography for Spring Summer Fashion 2019

Welcome to find more fashion jewellery designs from our website: https://www.halifejewelry.com/shop/

Where to find professional reputable jewelry manufacturer in CHINA?

When you start your jewelry business, and try to find reliable jewelry vendors base on good prices, good quality and good developments…will you consider to source […]

Exaggerated Chunky Jewellery Trends in 2019

Heavy, Exaggerated, Chunky, Big, Luxury look with comfortable prices…these really be the big part of fashion trends in 2019. Welcome to find more fashion elements and […]

What will “we” all be “wearing” in 2019 fashion?

Unless, of course, you work in the fashion industry and – despite a growing number of designers producing ‘see-now-buy-now’ collections to keep up with the impatient […]

The New Fashion Jewelry Elements in 2019

Snake, Star, Leaf, Dragon, Spider, Tree, Swan, Dragonfly, Snowflake, Flowers, Butterfly, Love Heart, Bees and other animals with special unique designs are all the main fashion […]
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