2020 Trendy Styles : Hip Hop Zircon Bangle Ring Set

Do you hate the fucking coronavirus? It is really a long long long lockdown time since we faced it first day…but what can we do to […]

Who is the best Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale supplier from CHINA?

Who is the best Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale supplier from CHINA? Actually, this is a question hard to answer…as the good hip hop jewelry supplier, must have many […]
hip hop style cz compass pendant necklace wholesales

Why some jewelry pieces’ platings easily turn off? But HALIFE will not?

Why some other jewelries from other factories always easily turn off or lose brightness? But our halife jewelry always keep being bright and luxury! …….the reason […]

How luxury to be for our hiphop jewelry styles?

Men’s luxury hip hop fashion jewelry items are made of 316l stainless steel and brass, with grade aaa cubic zirconia or crystals and 18k gold / […]

Why is the price so different for same jewelry piece?

Why is the price so different for same jewelry piece? 1,Different metals….with different cost…the cost for 925 silver / brass is definitely much higher than iron or […]

How to produce handmade jewellery?

We have a team with over 200 experienced / skilled labors to work handmade gemstone jewelries, we usually buy raw materials of gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, […]

Why Some Jewelry Platings Turn Off After Wearing 2-3 days?

Some jewelry made of zinc-alloy metals or iron metals with imitation gold or imitation rhodium platings, will turn off or oxidate after wearing 2-3 days…just because […]

Trendy Bridal Wedding Jewelry Items for 2020/2021 Seasons

How and where to import luxury crystals bridal wedding jewelry? At low prices, luxury quality and trendy new designs…. Our designer teams just worked out the […]

Health and Fashion for Men’s Jewelry

Do you like to be fat or not? Do you like to be sick or not? Or do you like to get both health and fashion? […]
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