How to start your jewelry shop or online retail business?

How to start your jewelry shop or online retail business? 1, Find a stable jewelry supplier which can support you on-going unique, luxury quality jewelry designs […]

2022 Women’s Stainless Steel Jewelries: simple, elegant, low prices!

What type of the stainless steel jewelry styles will be trends for women’s fashion? After over 6 months study, our team sum up the designs comply […]

2021/2022 Unique Fashion Trends: Flowers, Leaf, Moon and Star…

Flower, Leaves, Moon, Star….always be the forever elements for fashion trends, our designers also can not avoid them! Our team use 925 silver, brass, crystals, high […]

What is the high-carbon diamond jewelry?

In the past 5 years, the market developed a new element for cz diamond stones … which is called “high carbon diamond”, which have better performance […]

Fashion Trends Under Epidemic Covid-19 Virus

These 2 years…global people all set into confused, helpless, desperate, and sad under Covid-19 virus.Why the God allow the Plague to rage?Why the virus still no […]

What is the hottest fashion trends for silk scarves?

What is the hottest fashion trends for silk scarves? Pink, green, white and orange colors with China traditional culture elements will be the hit hot trends […]

Why the same jewelry design can bring big difference on cost?

The exact looks same design of jewelries, why can be a big different on their cost? First, different base metals always with big different cost. Where […]
hiphop pendant wholesales from China stainless steel jewelry factory

Mens Jewelry 2021/2022: Stainless Steel Hip Hop Styles

In the coming 2021/2022 seasons, the hip hop styles will be main trendy fashion trends for men’s jewelry styles, which will be with elements include prayer […]
crystal watch wholesales from china factory

How to import the luxury crystal watches for women?

How and where to import luxury genuine crystal watches for women? Yes, it should be best to find a reliable supplier to sell you the real […]
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